Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Let's get started

hi to @ll :)

i think its time now to get started with my blog.

the last few weeks I have reflect, if it is really a good idea to blog in english.
but hey, i have a lot english sewing books an thread magazines, to read harry potter in english is more enjoyable than in german and i understand what i read. ok, not nearly every word, but the content. and that is important to me. so my english cannot be as bad as i always thought.

so, on topic now:

i will get rid of my fabric stash. not of all the fabrics of course ;), but i have to reduce it because the space gets short (and i cannot stop buying fabrics, but i try to buy less...).
my goal is to sew more than i buy. I have started with counting on 01. april 2009.

since april 13,2 meters have left my stash, but to my shame i have to admit that i have bought 24,8 meters. so no reduction at all :(. I will keep on working on this.

but now i will show some of my fabric stash:


and within the next few days i will show what i have sewn since april :)



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schau an, wen man so alles findet... :)

schicker hintergrund hier. gefällt!