Mittwoch, 4. November 2009



I hope that I can write more about sewing in the future.

At the moment I can't sew because of my psoriasis but there is hope that it will gone.

In the third week of going to the day hospital I mentioned to the doctor that two root of my teeth are inflamed since three years. The doctor is absolutely sure that this could be the reason for the psoriasis.

And today I was at the dentist to make this root end resection. I am very very afraid of dentists but this was not as horrible as I have thought. I got a local anesthetic injection and a calmative and the dentist has made a great job.

I feel fine, okay a bit of pain is normal, but thats all.
Now I keep my fingers crossed that this ugly disease will gone asap and hopefully never come back.




nosupermom hat gesagt…

I will hold my thumbs!

This post is now already 3 weeks old. Do you feel better yet?

Pepie hat gesagt…

Thank you!

Yes, I feel better, but the psoriasis has not gone yet.

At the moment it is very difficult to wear normal shoes, that hurts to much. So my feet are a bit more worse than my hands.

On Tuesday I have an appointment with a new dermatologist.