Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Super Style Bag Swap by Sew, mama, Sew!

Hi there,

the Super Style Bag Swap is already over for a while.
I have participated and it was really fun :). My partner was Kristina from Slovenia and I have sewn a "Julie-bag" for her:

Kristina was very fast with the bag she had sewn for me. It is a shoulder bag and it it is really nice. I love the red contrast zipper:

I use this bag very often :).

The reason for posting about this bag swap so late, was my further education which includes a lot of learning all those new medical terms. This is a totaly new part for me but it is also really interesting.
And my old PC got out of order and I have a new one now.

Kristina, I hope you have the same fun with the bag I have sewn for you as I have with your bag you have sewn for me :).



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KunstUndGlas hat gesagt…

Wow, was für tolle Taschen und so klasse Farben!
Liebe Grüsse aus Neuseeland