Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009

cat allergy

Today my dermatologist called me for the result of the allergy blood test. And I am still critically allergic against cat hair :-(. Sure I know that since autumn 2003 but I have a cat since 13 years and have none of the typical symptoms.

My dermatologist told me that it could be possible that this allergy triggers my psoriasis :-(. This was told too by the doctors in the day hospital but I couldn't believe it.

Next month I will test if it really could be possible. Karin will take my cat for six weeks and I hope to get my home cat hair free, which would be nearly impossible but I will try.

I don't want to think about it, when this is really true. To get rid of my sweet little Sunny is NOT an option. She is an old lady now and her heart is a bit weak, so she has to take pills twice a day.

For the future it means no hairy pets at all :(, the doctor told me also about a little dog hair allergy.

So Sunny is my first and last pet ever :-(. She will always be very special to me.





nosupermom hat gesagt…

My, isn't she a beauty!

Immertreu hat gesagt…

O,this is so sad...I hope the doctors will tell something good.
Kind regards!