Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

made in a hurry ;-)

yeah, the same procedure as every year:

the selfmade christmas presents are finished in the last second *g*.

and here they are, the green tablerunner for my parents the other for my grandaunt, anna banana pattern from pink chalk studio:


and the backing:



that was my first quilting project, especially the free motion quilting. it is not perfect but it was made with love :). and it was really fun to sew.

i like the green tablerunner very much and my parents too (here in germany we got the presents at christmas eve :)).

the one for my aunt is a bit strange. not my colour and i think the combination of the fabrics could have been better. tomorrow i will visit my aunt and anyhow i hope she will like it.

to all of you a very happy christmas :).



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Merry Christmas to you, too!